Monday, November 2, 2009

Pop Life and Pornography

So this weekend i visited the Tate Modern to view the Pop Life exhibition and i have to say it is well worth the £12 entry fee. The exhibition includes pieces from Warhol all the way to Hirst showcasing some really nice pieces as well as a dead horse that's been impaled by a protest sign (a personal highlight). You have a room dedicated to Japanese pop art and a nice music video with Kirsten Dunst involved, my favourite part has to be the diamante pieces of everyday objects. A pepsi can, johnson's shower gel and a condom packet were all featured and made out of the wonderful, shiny diamantes. A lot of the exhibiton was fuelled by images of a sexual act something which i also found within the rest of the tate.

I can never hold my self back when i see a sign that reads: 'Contains images of an explicit nature which may be seen as offensive' So through the doors i go to be greeted with a giant canvas of a bum hole with penis. Penises were everywhere i turned along with a giant sculpture of two people making love. I do have an open mind when viewing these things but it was a bit full on and i think it was the number of old people around me that unnerved me, needles to say i was out of the room pretty quickly.

Oh and one final note, BEWARE when leaving the pop art exhibition for vomit landing on your head!


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