Friday, November 27, 2009

Sophie Lancaster Video

Back in May we entered the DMA GRT Awards. The brief was a toughie, to change perceptions of young people to become more tolerant of one another - for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Sophie Lancaster was a victim of hate crime - she was kicked to death by a gang of boys because she looked different. So the topic was very emotional.

We were shortlisted for the award and on the day we had a series of one to one feedback with the judges. It seemed that our work was not emotive enough and that we should have made more of Sophie's story - which was true.

And today on Creative Review I see the video Propaganda have made for the organisation, which will be played on MTV.

It's made beautifully, the music is perfect and it's a great cause with a great message, but is that enough?

For a story so horrendous, the scene where the couple are attacked is such a minor part. With using animation especially, it seems they could have made more of it.

The task is so huge, will it really make the MTV audience stop and think?

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  1. I agree, When we tackled this we all went for facts but I think you'll agree Lemons that it was so hard to try and get into the mindset of a mother who lost her daughter in such a horrific way.
    Propaganda have done a beautiful job with this but putting it on MTV will waste it. People who watch MTV want to watch their favorite and latest music videos and due to this it may get skimmed over which would be a great shame.