Friday, November 20, 2009

Channel 4 1d week

So it was channel 4 3d week this week, where images would literally pop out of the screen at you and make you feel as if you could touch the queen (careful!) Unfortunately that didn't quite happen, the whole house suddenly found out we could see the footage better without the stupid glasses on.

After the wonderfully dull Queen in 3d programme came Derren Brown's magic show, something which everyone thought would embrace the world of 3d and take advantage of it. Or not. The one bit that even caught my attention was the card trick were the cards literally flew at you and you were told to choose a card, it was really neat but unfortuately it was already on the advert. Basically the whole show was a best of magic from around the world with 'so called' 3d imagery. To put it in advertising terms. 'Polishing a turd'

I have nothing against 3d but to label your week 3d week and show programmes that would be better in 2d makes no sense whatsover. None of the two mentioned above utilised 3d at all to it's full advantage. If utilised correctly the feature could be brilliant but obviously not right now.

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