Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Turning viewers into users

We watched this video in the session we attended yesterday and found it really interesting. It is part of the larger discussion about the way people watch TV. These days, people watch TV whilst doing other things, particularly whilst being on the internet.

So areacode created The Sopranos A&E Connection, a sync-to-broadcast game that makes watching the repeated series more engaging.

"When the episode of The Sopranos premieres on A&E, the players' online gameboards come to life and animate synchronously to the TV signal. As the characters, settings and objects of the Sopranos appear on TV, the corresponding pieces animate and score points. This represents the first time a game was ever designed wholly for synchronous two-screen entertainment." (

We were told by a famous adman not so long ago that the way we watch television is about to change. With this idea of turning viewers into users, it definitely seems something to be excited about.

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