Thursday, October 29, 2009

Orange Film Club

Orange are, I think, my favourite brand.

I like most of their advertising, the 241 cinema spots, endless site and of course balloon race. I even like that their tariffs have animal names. And of course I like Orange Wednesdays.

I've recently discovered their film club which has a lot of free film-related giveaways. I have got tickets for their 'Fright Night' on Friday for Halloween. And it's pretty scary sounding:

A screening of The Exorcist in Tower Hamlets Cemetery. The audience will be given state of the art wireless headphones for a cinema experience like no other. Special 4D effects during the screening to really bring the film to life. With an introduction by Empire magazine’s horror expert, Kim Newman.

I'm not really sure what 4D means but I hope it's good!

What I wasn't so impressed with though, was how they decided to give away tickets for the night.
At first, they posted long, confusing horror riddles on the fan page, with the first person answering correctly winning tickets. This went on for a few days. Next, you had to register to say you were going to pick up your tickets at a secret location in London between a certain time frame on a certain day. Bit of a mission on a Saturday morning.

I assume not many people could be arsed with all that as a few days later Orange said all you had to do was email them to get tickets. And this is where I came in.

Might still be tickets left if you have a look on the Facebook page. If you think you can handle it!

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