Monday, August 24, 2009

Words of Wisdom: advice for young creatives

At the start of our placement at Wunderman they encouraged us to do something in the agency to get ourselves noticed. We went through a few crappy ideas but in the end decided it would be pretty fun to make a video. So we bribed people (with a selection of cakes) in the agency to take part and give us their best bit of advice for a young creative in advertising. This is the result and we quite like it. We hope it encourages other creatives on placements to record their own experiences and get involved.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Crazy Disney Tracker

Disney has revealed the details of a new scientific research lab that aims to determine what type of ads are the most effective at getting our attention online.

They're using eye tracking, heart monitors, skin temperature readings and facial probes to measure physical reaction to different types of ads.
(Sourced from Contagious News Article)

Sounds mad!
Check out the original article at:


A program I didn't know about until today, Walk on the Wild Side. What a great idea!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birmingham City University Advert

The advert we worked on at Unsuitable, both behind and in front of the camera is now playing on ITV central and E4. There's also a making of video on YouTube. Mark is loving being the star of the ad with his cheesy grin. Ha!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Fantastic news for Lemon today - we sold our first idea!
The design process begins next week which means we get to see the whole thing through. It's also a great thing to add to our ever growing book of ideas.

Our first week here at Wunderman has been wunderful (ha) Great people, great brief and really great atmosphere. Oh and free beer on Thursdays and Fridays and also ice-cream and sweets today!

Anyway, onto the next brief we go, a tough one, but then again what brief is easy? Life is treating us well here in Camden and later tonight we will check out some of the delightful delicacy available to us and get even fatter!

Happy Lemon

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help yourselves to lemon

Just had to put this up, found it in WAA's rec room today.

Lemon Love

Full Speed Ahead!

Yesterday was a good day for Lemon.

We had a day off from WAA to drive down to Bristol to meet 'digital guru' and creative director of Mason Zimbler, David Sloly. We had a great meeting with him and it was refreshing to see a different approach to the industry and an all-round nice guy. The agency had a cool atmosphere with strange objects and ideas covering the creative offices. We are very excited to be working with David and Mason Zimbler in the upcoming weeks as it's a really great opportunity and we're sure we're gonna have a lot of fun too. I really feel like we could fit in there which I don't think we've been feeling at agencies we've been too so far, so we're very optimistic, hope we do some good work for them! Then to top off our lovely day, soon as I get in the door, have a phone call from J Lowe saying we have a placement at Team Saatchi!

It all seems too good to be true...