Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Works. Doesn't work.

Just came across the new Aol logo created by Wolff Ollins New York. At first i didn't really see anything special about it, seemed a bit of generic logo for a brand wanting to recreate there look. But then i came across the video idents. The way the logo just appears from the white is a simple technique but yet adds some kind of warmth to the brand. Any video footage could be used across this format which is what makes it so exciting and also fits the brief perfectly. Aol wanted to be seen as having a breadth of content which can be easily adapted using this format.

Although it works perfectly for the idents i am not so sure about the static logo, it almost seems like its from the stock photo library. Dull and generic. It will be interesting to see what this looks like when it is released. Time to order a free aol cd and pretend i'm interested in using them.

See the videos here
See the logo here

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