Monday, October 19, 2009

Lemon in ≠Twitterpicture

Illustrator Johanna Basford has been doing an interesting project on twitter recently - ≠Twitterpicture. Anyone on twitter could get involved by tweeting what they would like to see in the picture.

The result was a mad combination of contributions, including our 'all-singing. all-dancing lemon' (circled so you don't miss it). It was a really cool idea, which I'm sure will inspire more social network creativity projects.

You can buy one of the 100 silk screen prints of the artwork on her site (£150 though).


  1. i want a print, but i can't justify buying it on my placement wage... the bills or a picture and my angry polo guy is just below your lemon...

  2. haha that's great! i know it's just too much, even with our 25% discount!