Friday, February 19, 2010

Shellsuit Zombie VS Night

Last Tuesday night I attended this little number - Industry VS Graduates, organised by Shellsuit Zombie. The venue - Old Blue Last was pretty cool and the small room was packed, with coloured badges everywhere - distinguishing industry from graduate. I thought this was a really good idea as with similar events I've been to, it's hard to tell who's who. I found myself somewhere in the middle.

It was a good night, with a great atmosphere. The loud music however, gave it more of a club feel, rather than a networking one. But I met some really interesting people from different creative backgrounds. The idea of 'VS' is that anyone could challenge anyone to anything. The main talking point of the night ended up being the challenge of the 'most imaginatively drawn willy'.

And now HelloYouCreatives is doing a meet up too, so I might go and see what that's all about.
You can find their upcoming event on Facebook. Maybe I'll see you there.