Thursday, September 3, 2009

A is for Letdown

Last night we went to the YCN awards at the Village Underground in Shoreditch.

We got there a bit later than the invite said, as we were at work and thought it wouldn't kick off for a while. And we were right. In fact, it didn't kick off at all. No speech, no introduction, no sign of anyone working for YCN and no work up.

The venue itself was pretty cool, but felt more like a club. There was a video playing on the wall which was kind of showcasing the commended work. People were trying to capture their 3 seconds of fame as their tiny piece of work flashed up on the wall. It was a shame there was no actually celebration for the people who won. Instead, the trophies that have been made are being sent home. And this is the first year there's been a physical award, so it should have been quite a big deal. Especially the way the night was being promoted on the YCN website. Unless of course, something big happened after we left?

All in all, disappointed, hungry and soaked. But thanks for the beers.

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  1. Hiya guys, I was there too, was a bit of a shame and me and my team mate Fab unfortunately felt equally disappointed, although I think our expectations were that it would be an exhibition of work rather that a party. It's a real shame all that wall space wasn't used to display work, would have been a great opportunity to get our names out there, and would have been great if they'd have given us stands so we could bring down our portfolios. But saying this we managed to get the commendations (and hopefully soon will get our physical A awards in the post), so well done to you guys :)