Sunday, July 5, 2009

And the winners are......

After a few crits before the event we finally arrived to the D&AD student awards venue, greeted with wine and some great little burger nibbles we were impressed. After an hour the award ceremony began, during which we witnessed some great entries from all categories. When it finally came to our category there were 5 commended and 1 winner, after an agonising wait our name was finally read out (the last of the commended). They then proceeded to announce the winner and this is where it all begins to make no sense, the panel awarded a second to the winners meaning there was no first. Now I'm not a competition expert but how can you have a competition with no winner?

Anyway after overcoming the weird end to our category we went upstairs to meet our judges and talk to them about why we were only commended. One problem, the judges had been taken away by some sort of U.F.O and didn't show meaning we were left to drink wine more wine and more wine. Oh and something to eat as well including slippery fish pie!

After all this disappointment we quickly escaped like Batman & Robin with our cheque, caught the train and then went home happily ever after, NOT! The train had to stop because of a fatality, leaving us stranded in Rugby and delaying our much needed sleep time.

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